Do you done something that you feel it's wrong but you still do it?

United States
September 22, 2010 2:50am CST
I really don't know if we are just stupid or were just plain victims. Well our Last weekend with my girlfriend was very bad. The story is that she applied to a recruitment agency for an OJT in UK. As a hopeful unemployed citizen she applied to it and got an email that she is shortlisted but before that she has to pay P3,500 for some kinda seminar thing before the final interview to the employer. I was hesitant a bit because I know legal agency shouldn't be paid in terms of application and due fact that she didn't tell to come to there office. But we research it on POEA website to check if this agency is legal but we found it in list.Even I was hesitant about this stuff my girlfriend still pays for the seminar thing and because even her parents agree to it. Well she send it to an LBC branch as the recruitment agency said (This makes me more hesitant about the agency but Its too late for that!) After that the agency texted her for the schedule and when the day of the schedule she go to the appointed place..... Well guess what happens It's all of an Effin SCAM! But my girlfriend wasn't only been the victim. There are full of people that was called by this mother effin agency and guess what they also pay to the seminar that didn't happen! I guess after you read this you will tell that where stupid even we know that there was something wrong! But I hope this will be the lesson to trust always the INSTINCT! So beware to all of people to this kind of stuff... I just hope the people behind this Scam is so happy that they choke as they make other people suffer!
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• Philippines
22 Sep 10
I'm sorry to hear that. There's really a lot of bad people who takes advantage of those people in need. Too bad for the victims,people in need will really take the risk in every opportunity that they see. We just have to pray to those culprits that hopefully they will think of their victims and victims-to-be.