It is necessary to complete 2 surveys per week on sidetick, not fair

United States
September 22, 2010 4:46am CST
I just hate this, when sidetick forces its members to complete at least 2 surveys per week. This action just help it to make more money, and we have to do something unnecessary. So, if we help them done 2 surveys, would our income increase on sidetick too? I don't see it. Sometimes, I tried to meet my quota, and trying to do some survey, either the survey saying there is no match, or something go wrong when I was filling out the information. So, the survey wasn't complete. When I try to play games, it wants me to install these programs in my computer which I afraid they might be malware or virus associate with it. I can't simply install some programs I don't familiar with. Gosh, it is getting harder and harder.
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