the cost of looking good

September 22, 2010 12:56pm CST
I spotted on one television show 3 popular women revealing their checklist of expenses to maintain their beauty. After watching it, I checked on myself and ask how much does it cost for a regular lady like me to look good. so i made a checklist as well, same as what they did in the show, and this is what i got: Beauty checklist for a month Make-up : Php 300 (for face powder, lip stick and eye liner) Skin Creams : Php 500 (Olay day and night cream) but i don't finish them in a months time Hair Salon : Php 200 (Trim and Hair Spa) Spa Treatments : Php 150 (Foot Spa with pedicure) Massage : -- I only ask my boyfriend to do that for me :)
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• United States
22 Sep 10
I perm my own hair or my daughter does it for me. Costing me only the price of the kit. $6.00 to$8.00 I don't do my feet or use any make up what so ever. Lucky me!!! I don't do anything that cost extra money to look good I guess.
• Philippines
24 Sep 10
That's nice. You know i agree with you, it's less expensive when you do it at home. You just buy the creams or the kit and let a friend do it for you or do it by yourself. I do this as well for my hair, when i want to color it i just buy hair color for Php 200-300 and do it at home instead of spending Php 600-800 in the salon. :)
@rastogisw (446)
• India
22 Sep 10
Well in my case I wont get the time to do all this thing as full day busy with other works but still for me skin cream : I have purchased long back and still not used as whenever I use any cream got pimples, Make up: yes for eye make up and lipsticks or foundation or powder I use but that also work for at least 5 to 6 months ...Spa treatment : this is normally use once a month and parlor cost also...for beauty I usually use kitchen products .