be happy...

@yomy1984 (177)
United States
September 22, 2010 5:29pm CST
for healthier heart use :) is said that even the worlds turn you upside down, even the whole worlds throws stone at you, or nobody loves you or care at you..just let it go..just shout it back to them and say it loud " EVEN IF YOU HURT ME AGAIN AND AGAIN, EVEN IF YOU DON'T LIKE ME ANYMORE..IT DOESN'T MATTER, IT IS BECAUSE I KNOW I WILL BE HERE SAME THING DOING THIS AGAIN..I STAND UP AND SHOUTING IT BACK TO YOU!! "JUST WATCH" THE MORE YOU LAUGH AT ME, I WILL BE ABLE TO STAND UP AND THEN THAT TIME, I AM GONNA BE THE LAST ONE LAUGHING... so matter what happen, always may not know someone is falling in-love of your smile :)))))
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@buli23 (550)
• India
13 Feb 11
I is a fact the We have fiend many people who fall in love just seeing his or her laugh. I also want to see laugh on my all friend face. I think If we laugh regularly laugh our heart will be very strong. Strong heart means strong live and strong life style. So all people try to laugh all time for their better health. Laugh can prevent heart attack. Now a day the number of heart attack patients increase due to that we have forget to laugh. Because in this crucial time we had to go through many mental and physical stress.
@ree_yah (462)
• Philippines
23 Sep 10
eheheh~!!! uu go girl!!! shout it out! love ur heart... theres still a lot of people that deserves ur love anyway.. :) SMILE ]