I need help designing my website!! Any tips or anything would be appreciated!!

September 22, 2010 8:33pm CST
Ok,so I have a website Cosmicsnipezskillz.webs.com don't ask me about the name lol long story. Anyways, I need help in graphic design. If there are any programs to help or any tips or suggestions on how to get more traffic it would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks beforehand for any help!:)
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@anurag3786 (6275)
• India
23 Sep 10
Hey its name is so difficult. Well I don’t ask what the story behind its names is. As you say you want to create some graphics design for your websites. I think there are many websites on internet which are really good for websites design learning. I think you may try w2schools.com. This is one type of programming languages websites. I think it may help you for designing graphic for your website.
23 Sep 10
Thanks! So far the site looks pretty good, the name will get shorter when i get my own domain name but as of right now its my beginner website
• Canada
15 Nov 10
Perhaps you'd do better to ask more specific questions. Is your problem not being good at art or not knowing much about graphics software? Probably the best free programs for doing computer graphics are: Inkscape - vector graphics, it's native format is SVG which is natively supported by all major web browsers except Internet Explorer. You can add code for animation and interactivity. Alternatively you can just convert it to bitmaps (Inkscape will export as PNG). Gimp - bitmap graphics. Blender - 3D graphics, not very user friendly but you can do really cool stuff with it.