Having a garage sale

@oscar6 (1939)
United States
September 23, 2010 12:27am CST
Hey mylotters, this saturday I am going to have a garage sale with my family. I was just wondering if anyone had some great tips they could share on how to make a lot of money with it? Any comments will be appreciated since im hoping my family and I will earn a lot of money or at least a decent amount.
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• Philippines
23 Sep 10
Categorize the same items in one area example kitchen utensils/equipments,cooking appliances are in one area. Label them just like in the big department stores like KITCHEN, so as to help the buyers look for items easily. Buyers may zoom in on what they need for example they are into reading books hence they go in that particular area, if they love music cds etc would sit well if arrange with the books. Place several chairs as resting place for tired shoppers and face them into big ticket items so that they would give it a direct look. Hope this helps. Clean House on tv shows very good tips in garage sales. It would help if you place name tags on you as the seller complete with belt bag for the money.