What do you have in your Treasure Box?

United States
September 23, 2010 1:14am CST
Some people have some kind of box or a container and call it their treasure box or memory box. They put things in that box that they have received from friends, family, and loved ones. Or some of them don't have a treasure box, but they carry a certain item with them always that is very dear and important to them. So my question is what do you put in your treasure box or memory box that is so important to you or if you don't have a treasure box, what is one item that is so important to you to keep and to treasure it always? I don't have a treasure box or a memory box, but I do have an important treasure that I will always have with me and that's my grandfather's Airforce dogtags. I've always been very close to my grandfather when I was little, but due to family issues I couldn't see him anymore. Last time I saw him I was only 12 years old and two years ago he passed away. I wasn't able to see him again and he didn't get to see how grown up I am or anything during his last 9 years. I was very lucky to find his Airforce dogtags and I always wear his dogtags since for some reason it makes me feel I'm close to him again and makes me think about him a lot. So his dogtags are very important me and I'll always treasure it for the rest of my life.
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