What is the most unforgettable moment in the TV series FRIENDS?

September 23, 2010 3:13am CST
I fondly remember the one in which chandler says to Monica "Ross is naked?", lmao. hope you guys remember that episode. Can you recall any other that you liked the most?
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@veronizm (909)
• Philippines
30 Sep 10
Hahahaha!!! Yeah I remember that scene! Twas very funny! Especially when Monica asked why Ross was naked and then Chandler answered that Ross needs to show him something and then Monica said "Is it like what Chandler has?" Hahahaha! That was really hilarious! There are just soooo many funny scenes and episodes of FRIENDS that I find it so hard to enumerate all of them but what I can never forget is the episode with the 'Unagi'. Ross was really funny in that episode especially when Rachel and Phoebe surprised him in his apartment jumping out from the curtains and shouting "Danger!!!" and then Ross just screamed like a little girl, LOL! Then there was the scene with Rachel's baby shower where Ross and Chandler were helping Joey practice his new audition scenes wherein he's going to be a game show host. I really love that episode especially when Ross came over to Monica & Chandler's apartment afterwards panting and sweating and when Phoebe asked why he's all red and sweaty he answered "I just bamboozled Chandler!" Bwahahahahaha!!!! Then I also remember the scene where Ross and Monica's cousin (played by Denise Richards) came to visit them and where they do the slow-motion (with matching background music) of Richards every time she lets her hair down and Chandler and Ross would just gawk at her, and even Phoebe too at the end, LOL! Aaaahh there are just so many of them! I really love FRIENDS! Every time I feel bummed FRIENDS always never fail to cheer me up ^_^
8 Oct 10
thanks veronizm for that lovely comment.
@nicajoice (188)
• Philippines
23 Sep 10
I love the part when Phoebe was teaching Joey how to speak French for his audition, and poor Joey just couldn't get it. He kept on mumbling unregnizable words and actually thought it was French. During the audition, Phoebe had to tell the director that Joey was her autistic brother... :) Even though I'd see this scene a lot of times, I'd still laugh!
23 Sep 10
yeah I remember that episode, loved the way how Joey boasted of his French speaking skills, although he spoke utter rubbish. lol, He is a great and funny character.
• Philippines
28 Sep 10
Joey wearing all of Chandler's clothes!!! That was fun!!!