why are the people closest to you hurt you the most..

@maebelle (190)
September 23, 2010 10:45am CST
for me, ive been betrayed by my closest friend, who dated my exbf.. i know i must be happy for her, but the time when she entered was not the right time to date him.. we are not still over and we dont have the closure..but for her its nothing... she treated me like nothing happened.. its hurts that she doesnt even care if im hurt or what, whats important to her is her happines... so sad...
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@anurag3786 (6275)
• India
23 Sep 10
Yes you are right because many times it happen when our loved ones give us pain. And they never think what the other person feels about this. And sometimes only for making fun they hurts a person a lot. Who is really the closest person to them? So I think it is not good to hurt anybody.
@Rtlsnk316 (1197)
• Mexico
23 Sep 10
That's harsh, I've never been in the spot but I would guess it's not a pleasant feeling. I guess, and it's just a guess, if I was a girl in your spot, that what I would do is let my friend know how I feel and maybe stay away from them, tell her to do the same for me for a while if possible, while I put myself together again. If she is still my friend, she'll understand and would try to help me by doing so.