When you lose a child

United States
September 23, 2010 2:03pm CST
There are no words to quantify the emotion. Last night my best friend lost her toddler, and he died slightly after turning one year old. I dont know what to do. Im overwhelmed with sadness and love for her, and at the fact that our little guy had barely started out his life before being taken. Two weeks ago I lost my grandpa. Ive felt a lot of loss in my life, and all I can do is try to find solace in the fact that most people believe they are in heaven right now. I dont know about that, but I do believe that if you talk to god, he will find ways in your life to talk back. I dont go to church, but I can tell you that from what I have seen and the people I have met in my life, there is a deeper meaning to everything we go through and experience. I keep thinking about our baby boys soul and what it means to have one. I think about all the thing that we do to hurt other people, and how important it is to treasure and enjoy the times we have with our friends and family. I feel a certain numbness about this journey through life, and all I can do is continue to talk to people and share my experiences. I don't want to become closed off, and keep this all inside. I just hope that I can do the best in my life loving others, and hope you will too even if you dont subscribe to any religion. Cherish your children and keep them close. Their childhood is a precious and fleeting thing, and despite all of the troubles and struggles when they are gone you will find out that they are your entire, entire world. I just wish that he was still here with us and that I could have seen him grow up. I feel so stupid for not kissing his head the last time I buckled him in the car, or that I could have said, "I love you!" and didn't.
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