Soap Operas- a dying breed

United States
September 23, 2010 4:48pm CST
It seems like soap operas are being canceled left and right lately. I cannot remember which one it was (maybe Days of Our Lives) but recently another bit the dust. Is Soap Operas a dying breed? Why do you think they are being canceled? Are they becoming to predictable or are they just changing with the times? After all, the television audience is changing and they want different things. Then again, there is a channel, Soapnet, that is dedicated to soap operas. Well soap operas and melodramatic shows like Beverly Hills 90210, One Tree Hill and others. I know I got hooked on soaps because of my grandmother. Spent a summer with her and every day we had to watch her soaps: All My Children, One Life To Live and General Hospital. So far, these three soaps are still on the air and appear to be doing well. So do you think eventually all Soap Operas are going to go off the air?
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