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September 23, 2010 5:43pm CST
Prejudice is something that exists matter how ignorant the concept. I'm not talking just against races of people. Prejudice exists against each and every trait of human being that can be considered individualistic. Today I watched a court show on YouTube. The plaintiff was a vegan (a person who eats or uses NO animal products meat, dairy, leather, silk, eggs, etc.) and although it turned out they were, in fact, in the wrong by the end of the case, the video was filled with comments against vegans. One person wrote: "Vegetarians are okay...but vegans are all morons." I am a vegan. Apparently, I am a moron. Disregard the fact that I am 22 and have owned my own business for seven years...disregard the fact that I have over $10,000 saved for retirement forty years before I really need it...disregard my life's experiences, all of my education, all of the nice things I've done for people, all of the achievements I've accomplished. It doesn't matter that I bought my first house last year after getting married and nearly have a third of it paid off already. Forget all the novels I've written and all the artwork I've completed. Forget the hundreds of dollars I give to charity despite the fact I'm not rich. Because, apparently, since I choose to be vegan, I can disregard everything that makes me an individual and accept that I am a moron. There is prejudice out there against races of people. Prejudice exists against parents and child-free people alike. Prejudice against males and females, people who wear gothic clothes and people who wear preppy clothes, prejudices against Christians, atheists, Wiccans, Muslims, etc. Prejudice exists against young people and old, slow drivers and fast. Quite simply put, you cannot get away from it. My question to you is: what is your personal story with prejudice? What kinds of things have people found out about you that allow them to accept stupidity and disregard the fact that you are a human being with feelings? Tell me your stories or your trials. Human beings as a race really aren't as smart as we try to make ourselves long as prejudice exists, I believe we're a second class race. How have you been a victim to prejudice? What kinds of people have you been prejudiced against in the past? How did you learn better? Do you correct people who are dumb enough to voice their prejudice? How do you deal with such people?
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@Ramaditya (1227)
• Indonesia
24 Sep 10
Well that's easy. I am a blind person, and because of that most people see me as a complete idiot, moron, and do not have the rights to experience equality. Forget about all abilities I possess, those people think as if they know all about me, and that is why I still have to fight for myself, and for those blind fellows.
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• United States
24 Sep 10
Thank you for your post. Although I'm not blind, I grew up with a classmate who was, and it disgusted me how people seemed to treat him like he not only was without eyesight, but also a brain. It's amazing how one little so-called handicap can cause people to misinterpret the meaning of the word equality. Some prejudices are new in today's world just as new hobbies and lifestyles are invented...yet, since blindness has been around since the beginning of time, you would think people would be a little smarter about how to treat a situation with a blind person. I hope you continue to stay strong and either correct or ignore those who do not understand. I admire your strength!