September 24, 2010 1:08am CST
I am a daughter with so much concern about my mom...My mom is a contractual teacher in a certain College school 1 hour away from our house...In order to save a lot of time, effort, and money she decided to stay in one of dormitories near her school..She only goes home every Sunday for she has a class every Saturday...With that arrangement, she doesn't have much time for us especially to my younger siblings...My brother who is now working doesn't have time also staying at two younger sisters is having a miserable life for they are still depending on my the way my parents are separated and my father doesn't give a single penny for sibs always blames my mother for what is happening to us that everthing went wrong...and i don't believe that we should blame her..first, we are of age now..only our youngest is still in High School..We should know of what is right and wrong...Every time my mother is home she can never left the house without crying for the things she heard...
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@EdnaReyes (2628)
• Philippines
25 Sep 10
I could relate to your mom' cause i know how time consuming teaching profession is. Me too had a hard time dividing my time between teachong and my family. She's doing everything she can to give you everything you need so please be kind to her. If you can help in house chores,why not do it? Labor division will work well and this is a good training for all of you for the future!
@johnpillai (2083)
• Germany
24 Sep 10
Realy it is difficult to read. It is a good thing that you understood your mother. Try your level best to make your siblings understand your mother. If need motherly help try to do it for them. As you are the elder one you can take the role of your mother. My mother was also a teacher. she had to work in another city. She left me with my granny and went to work. she could meet me oncea three month. i was ok with my granny. but my mother?????. my poor darling mother. I love mother.
• Indonesia
24 Sep 10
As the oldest living at home, I suggest you give sense to the younger sister you if your mom worked and did not stay home because your mother is dear to all of you. If only your mother does not care about you why he's willing to work hard to feed all of you life when your father was not concerned about you. Pity your mother if every home must accept the fact if he always blamed due to their divorce.