Hi, what is your opinon about using ebooks in the classroom?

September 24, 2010 5:43am CST
Recently, ebooks, eink and epapers are reported by many papers and news. It seems that some schools want to adopt this book style in many countries. If you are a teacher, I want to know what is your opinon about ebooks using in the classroom? you can share the adwantages and disadwntages about this ,of course, if you would like to provide some research problems for solving by reseachers, I will feel luck. No matter what you want to share with me, I need thank you all posting your views.
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• Philippines
24 Sep 10
I agree on using ebooks in the classroom since it is more convenient. When we use ebook it saves a lot of money because you will not buy the book instead ask an ebook copy from your teacher and then you can study. When I was in college we're using ebook and its very easy to study when you have your own computer of course. The disadvantage is that you always look on the computer and more like a gamble for your eyesight. xD
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• Malta
25 Sep 10
I very much agree with using ebooks. In our school we're doing a pilot project in a subject or two to see how the system works. Basically, our students have been complaining that they are carrying a large load of books, so with this system they don't have to carry large and heavy textbooks. Apart from that, students won't have excuses that they forgot their textbook at home. So, personally I see more advantages than disadvantages in adopting this system.
• China
25 Sep 10
Hi, thanks for sharing your view. I am very interesting your pilot project. How is it now? Could you tell me which system adopted by your school? thanks again!
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• India
24 Sep 10
I think it is not bad to using eBooks in class room. Because sometimes it help us for something which I need. I think in class room you can use it if your teacher has no any objection on using it. Because sometimes teacher think a student can want to do environment bad in class room. But I think it is okay to use an eBooks in class rooms.