Poker hack

September 24, 2010 5:49am CST
My friend told me that his account has been hacked and so is his chips in the game poker(a game in facebook).I asked him in interest to know what really happened.He truly had been a stupid to give his email and password in facebook to a site which looked like facebook and he entered the correct informaton.He thought he'll get some reward for enterring the information, instead his account got hacked.He was redirected to the fake facebook page because he clicked on the link referring to win chips in poker.In greediness his account got hacked.Well i would request mylotters not to fall for such cheap tricks.Has this ever happened to you'll???I mean a similar situation. Have a nice day!!
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@Ramaditya (1227)
• Indonesia
24 Sep 10
No, at least so far. That's because I am accustomed to fighting hackers and spammers. As long as there is no, never enter!
@cheravs (620)
• Philippines
24 Sep 10
Nope, not yet 'cause I don't easily fall for this kind of tricks. Lolz, who will give you lots of poker chip just by entering your information and yea, including a password?! Told him to use his head all the time especially online. Have a great day :D
• India
24 Sep 10
I already did!! He was and addict in this game and now he has stopped playing,in a way its good,his mom always complained he used to play it till late night.I'm sure his mom would really be happy.:)
• Indonesia
15 Nov 10
No, I bet it not..
@jugsjugs (13045)
24 Sep 10
I do know that my friends account got hacked,also that my husband was playing kingdoms of camalot and he was hacked and they took all the food and his army men that he had built up.My sons friends accounts were also hacked on there,so i do know that it can be done,so all i can say is it must be easy for people todo.