September 24, 2010 6:44am CST
what can you say about Pres. Noy eating hotdog with his delegates @ his Us state visit??
3 responses
@yanyanyow (329)
• Philippines
27 Sep 10
very nice rather than spending a lot of money eating in an exclusive restaurant which our previous president did. nice job pnoy!
@SinRealm (559)
• Philippines
24 Sep 10
Based on experience with him, he's really living up to his promise of not being corrupt. And I've been to the Abellada (Noy's in-laws) residence before and they're living a simple yet rich life. Hotdogs were served along with the average food we eat.
@maliwl (34)
• Philippines
24 Sep 10
Some opposition would think of it as acted to imply and to compare the lavish travels and dinner soirees of the previous President and now Congresswoman Gloria Arroyo.I think it was with good intention since Pnoy is really cautious also of the many criticisms he catches especially the recent boo-boo of the head of Philippine National Police.We should not be ashamed that our President treats his entourage only with a NY hotdog in less that 100 dollars.In my case i was moved that Pnoy was so humble and down to earth that he was willing to walk the streets of New York without so much bodyguard and all. Good luck to you President Noynoy and Godbless our nation!