Are Money and Wealth just an Idea?

@incus99 (1086)
September 24, 2010 7:24am CST
I read in one of the best selling authors that money and wealth is just an idea.. he stated that trading can be done even if there is no actual money involved... you can feel really rich and wealthy without necessarily holding your physical cash... debt are just figures which obligates the subconscious... bank balances and checking accounts are just a product of an idea of money. I am unsure about this but when I was poorer before I had more cash in my wallet than now.. I expend up to 8 digits per year but the total cash that went through my wallet never reached 6 digits in totality. What do you think about this? Do you agree that money and wealth are just an idea?
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@Miner49r (569)
• United States
8 Oct 10
I think money and wealth are two different things. Money is a monetary means to buy and sell items or services. Whether it is currency, gold, or whatever, money is simply a value placed on an item or piece of paper. Wealth is a broad concept which may be in the form of anything that is particularly valuable to a person as an individual or society. one may be the richest person alive, but money does not bring you happiness, health and fulfillment. What you do have is a lot of money. While you may have great a great wealth of material things, There may be a state of poverty concerning interpersonal fulfillment and happiness. In retrospect, another person may not have a single nickel to their name but feel they are truly wealthy. They may have found happiness in life with who and where they are at, may have good health, and close family. The nature of wealth is what one determines the definition to be.