pet , you loved most

September 24, 2010 8:05am CST
this is discussion on the pet animal u loved most i love my tommy (dog). which type of pet u loved most
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• Philippines
24 Sep 10
The pet I loved the most is chechan my cat. She is so cute and very sweet. We usually play and do cute stuffs. Cats are really cute! XD
@johney264 (548)
• China
24 Sep 10
Humans have been domesticating dogs for 15,000 years,cats for about 10,000. Yet there 15,000 years,cats for about 10,000. Yet there are some among us who spit in the eye of our ancestors' efforts, instead choosing to take on as a pet an animal with a bloodline that hasn't been molded for thousands of years to cater to the whims of humanit: Alligators, chimpanzees, pythons and white lions areexotic animals that will ever so occasionally exist in the living paces of our friends and neighbors. let's say you had to pick one of these beasts as a pet -- to live in your home, yard or swamp - and likely dominate your life with its wild animal needs. Which would it be? Read on, for the pros and cons of owning each of the aforementioned unusual bundles of joy. And use the comment section to make the case for (or against) any or all of the exotic pets I've failed to mention.