what is the best exercise for firm and sexy abs?

September 24, 2010 8:54am CST
what is the best exercise for firm and sexy abs?
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• Philippines
24 Sep 10
before you go to an exercise you must have a concrete discipline so that you will be successful. I propose you go to the gym and have an instructor since they are the experts when it comes to this field. As for me, I usually do seat-up in my bed to maintain my abs.
• Philippines
27 Sep 10
thank you for your advice.. i love to go to the gym but apparently i am a full time mom. Regarding seat-up, my butt ache when i perform it.. :( does it flatten lol
• Philippines
27 Oct 10
The bicycle exercise is one of the more effective ab workout that you can do. All you need is lie on the floor, put your hands at the sides of your head, bend your knees and then bring your right knee towards your chest at the same time pull your left elbow towards your knee and vice versa. You can do it fast but I find it more challenging when doing it more slowly about 2 secs before switching knees. Oh and don't forget to include cardio in your regular workout so that your abs will show easily.
• Singapore
18 Oct 10
stretching your abs maybe great as well, yoga moves like the tree position or sort of
@katland05 (136)
• Guam
29 Sep 10
ohbelle hi... If you don't like to do sit ups because your butt hurts, here's another one.. Try laying on a cushion mat legs extend & your arms flat down at your sides. Then lift just both your legs at the same time half way don't bend your knees, then back down but don't let it touch the floor... I do this 50 times in the morning & 50 times before I go to bed, been doing this for about 3 months now & people do see the results... When I was a teenager I used to dance ballet & to keep our stomach flat we do this 3 times a week, it does make a difference... It's hard in the beginning but then when you constantly do this you will get better & it becomes easier.... Hope this works out... Check out free online exercise for your abs in youtube, I also found this there.... Have a great workout....
@Lee8919 (35)
24 Sep 10
simple is better! sit-ups are known for being one of if not the best way to maintain and shape abs. All the things you see on tv that are meant to be the best thing since sliced bread are just temptation to take your money. Sit-ups in morning and before bed ;)