When is the best age for marriage?

September 24, 2010 9:13am CST
I'm just 23,but my mum always worried about my mariage. She thought I'm super picky, it's really hard for me to find a husband,since too picky, I would become a woman of excess,guys, what u think is the best age for marriage? The best process of life for me from my parents' view is..study hard, get a steady job, work hard,get married, have a baby... U know what I'm thinking, if I find a guy i do love, and he loves me too, we will marry definitely, but if we fall into love just for marriage,it's...I can't imagine a relationship without love!
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• Philippines
24 Sep 10
Im just 20 so I cant say what age I want to get married but I think 27 because its the right time to have family. I think at that age you are mature enough to do things on your own and decide it with honesty and fidelity. that's only my point of view XD
24 Sep 10
aha,27...that's the age my mum had me..I think I would get married early ,or very late...before 25,or after 30,haha