@alyser10 (113)
September 24, 2010 10:31am CST
In which environment you would like to work with? Is it an environment with the staffs same as your age, or staffs who's age are much older than you, or younger than you? In my own experience, I think it's better to work with officemates who's much older than me.. I learned a lot from them not only from work but also lessons in life.. They normally give me a helping hand and almost are true people. They normally did'nt get envious of me...(In a workplace enivousness and jealousy are very common). I just noticed that workmates who are the same of my age are the one who easily gets jealous especially when you're becoming ahead of them. People are different, maybe it just happened that my workmates are like this, that's why I prefer working with much older than me, though there are still some of my age who's also a great workmates. How about you, who would you prefer to work with?
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