if you could choose how your life would be, what would you choose?^^

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September 24, 2010 10:55am CST
hi guys^^ if you could choose how your life would be how you would want it to be?^^ about me i would like to be rich so didnt need to be stressed with money and could also help others :) also find a good bf that loved me very much^^ thats how i wanted my life to be^^ dedicate all my time to love and be loved^^ what about you guys? please share^^
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• Vietnam
24 Sep 10
Hi everyone, if i could choose how my life would be, i would choose to be a nurse who had an excellent skill in medicine and who had a very brave and kind heart so that i could help take care of patients' pains. I aso would choose to be a good housewife who was loved by her ideal husband. Beside that, i too would choose to be a musician who could write songs to serve life. If that could happen, i would compose valuable songs that everyone wanted to listen to.
• Portugal
24 Sep 10
aww a nurse and musician?^^ well would be hard to do both things but maybe you could^^ half part of your life you did one thing and other half other^^ anyway you chose very sweet dreams^^ i can see you care for others^^ thats very good^^ but dont worry im sure you already have a kind heart^^ for way you talked you have^^ and sure you will be a good housewife but also wish you find a good hubby^^