Can't find the words to say goodbye

September 24, 2010 12:05pm CST
I heard this title in a song. I found the lyrics of the song so interesting and matched my past experience of someone I really love even now. Yes, I love that girl much that even now she has still a place in my heart. I met her in my college years and one of my best ever friends. I trusted her so much that I share every details of my life from personal down to emotional status. I treated her as my most loving and understanding friend and all my daily activities also belongs to her. And one day, she told me that she will get marry. I was shocked at the news and left me totally blank. From that time, I found myself in loved with her. I told her about my feelings as I'm not looking for her answer. We separated our ways without sating goodbye and good luck to each other and until now, I wished that someday we'll met our others way.
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@IoanaBI (494)
• Romania
24 Sep 10
Sad story..But do you think it will be for the best for your ways to meet again? She is not the same, you are not the same; a lot of time not spend together is a BIG gap. I also had strong feelings for a guy, a very good friend, who got involved with a friend of mine the same day i wanted to make my feelings known.. so i put my feelings beside..He left after a while and i thought of him a very,very long time. Until i met him again and made the shocking discovery that i felt not so much for him, but for the memory..Now i'm in a relation with a boy for 7 years and i still can't give him an affirmative answear to his question..and it makes me said..because he is my best friend, the only person whom i trust, he loves me enormasly, and together i know we both will have a good life.. But is it enough? something dissaperd inside me when i made that discovery, and i think it will hount me forever