Do you believe in KARMA?

@wiwa05 (230)
September 25, 2010 10:16am CST
I've heard in a lot of people that most individuals (especially those who have done bad things) experienced "karma"- what comes around, goes around or in other words, what you've done wrong or bad to a person will be thrown back at you one day... Do you believe in that?
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@visavis (5945)
• Philippines
19 Oct 10
I think so yes, but not only bad things, also good things done to others will return to you good karma. You I never read in the bible mentioned about karma, I don't know also where came from that belielf. Anyhow I think ok to believe about karma atleast others fear to do bad things because of karma.. instead they do good in return of good karma... see you around
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
25 Sep 10
Yes, I do. I believe in Karma. I have seen people around me effected by Karma ways, and I have myself felt that too. If one does bad things to other living beings, it will get back to oneself some day. The same if good deeds are done. That's the way of life in this universe.
@puccagirl (7316)
• Israel
25 Sep 10
Yes, I do actually. I didn't use to, but then I saw karma effecting people around me, and I changed my mind!
@Ganesh44 (5547)
• India
25 Sep 10
Yes Karma are important part of life as you act same thing you get in life in future so we must act good to get good ..... Lord Krishna has given wonderful description on Karma and their effect on our life in his unique holy book The Geeta if you will read you will understand how Karmas work Lord Krishna is wonderful GOD with very nice and big heart from city of Mathura India the avtar you are seeing with my profile is of Lord Krishna who said all in the holy book The Geeta Take Care Hare Krishna Ganesh
@gimmme (19)
• Bulgaria
25 Sep 10
I believe in KARMA. Be good people and help those in ineed. Strive for the better!