What's the key to a Perfect serve in Tennis?

September 25, 2010 12:37pm CST
I've always wondered the key to a good serve. Every time i play my friends, my serve is my weakest area, so does anybody have any ideas or tricks i should try? :)
2 responses
@MegiMK (266)
• Canada
27 Dec 10
Two words: ball toss. Make sure you toss the ball high enough and reach up to it, the higher the point of contact the better. Too many people hit the ball when it's too low and nothing good ever comes out of it. Good luck.
@diamania (7037)
• Netherlands
25 Sep 10
If you're right-handed put your left foot up front. Your right foot at about 3 o'clock. Then start the stroke. Racket should go behind your neck like you're pointing downwards to the ground and then give it a bang. Make sure to first know the technique decently before you give the ball a bang. Also make sure that the motion takes about 2 seconds. Not longer, not shorter.