Capital Punishment- A requirement or a barbaric act that should be abolished.

September 26, 2010 2:33am CST
In India Ajmal Kasab has recently been awarded the death sentence. This brings capital punishment again into the spotlight. Now the question is whether capital punishment is correct in todays world where we are constantly fighting for human rights.
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• India
26 Sep 10
Capital Punishment,the major punishment in india.The answer to the question of whether this Capital Punishment is correct or not is depends on Crime,there are many crimes happened which are very dangerous and inspires others to go in that way(example like acid cases).In these type of crimes i think Capital punishment is a small punishment
• United States
14 Oct 10
I think capital punishment is fine depending on how it is done. Anything that gives pain such as decapitation or hanging is a little too barbaric. It should only be used for murder cases in the extreme although sometimes I wish child molesters could get it as well. We have way too many states here who have these ridiculously long appeals processes. If it is done swiftly then it won't cost the state a ton of money and the criminal can never hurt anyone again and we don't have to feed him for the rest of his shallow life. It makes me so angry that the left here in the USA thinks capital punishment is a bad thing yet abortion is okay. That is what I call screwy in the head.