My dream car!

United States
September 26, 2010 2:02pm CST
My dream car isn't a car but an suv. It is a Ford Escape Hybrid! I want to get one so bad! I can't afford it but maybe someday when I can afford it I will buy one! I like it because it is just the right size for hauling recycling and is good on gas! I love that it is a Hybrid,too! I would get it in a medium or dark blue! It would be perfect for me!
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• Philippines
2 Nov 10
For me its got to be Lamborghini Gallardo, the looks oh sooooo cool. There is nothing like it I cant imagine myself side by side with it. I can never afford it but I wuold like to have one, its not bad to fantasize.
• United States
4 Nov 10
A Lamborghni Gallardo? You dream big! You are right,it doesn't hurt to fantasize!
• United States
26 Sep 10
My all time dream car that I cannot afford would have to be a Lexus LFA. A dream car that I could possibility afford after I graduate from college is a Lexus IS 350 :)I would get pearl white. I like it because it is nice, luxurious, sexy and a smooth ride.
• United States
29 Sep 10
I want a Ford Escape because it isn't to big and not to small! It is a hybrid meaning it will help the envirment! I like the space in back becaue I can haul alot more recycleables to the recycling center!