i like youtube

United States
September 26, 2010 4:20pm CST
youtube is a good site but the amount of videos pepole put on there its stupid they put some crazy vidoes i dont kno why do you like youtube?
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• United States
30 Sep 10
Youtube is great! Not just the entertainment side of things but the earnings potential are phenominal. It takes a lot of work for sure, but the payoff is well worth it. I 100% recommend spending some time working toward a youtube partnership and take advantage of the excellent profit sharing potential.
• India
29 Sep 10
I like you tube very much . You tube has a vast number of videos uploaded to it. The popularity of yout tube videos increases day by day.
• United States
27 Sep 10
Youtube is GREAT for so many reasons. It awesome just for siting back and watching videos for entertainment but its so much more. There is a community feeling on there where you get to know your subscribers and friends. Its very much a forum like here only you make videos and post them rather than typing text. More importantly, the main reason I LOVE youtube is its a GREAT marketing tool. You can use your videos to promote your websites as well as many other things to drive traffic to places you want people to see etc. Youtube is a very important part of my marketing plan. Great topic. Thanks for posting.
• United States
26 Sep 10
I only like youtube because of the musicians that are gathering there. Musicians that aren't recognize go to youtube to share the musics and that inspires me.
• Ghana
26 Sep 10
you tube is one of the greatest websites that increases a mans social network and helps widen your social links ilike youtube because it helps me to lcate my friends easily.
@Jalle1 (132)
• Denmark
26 Sep 10
The good thing about youtube is that you can almost find everything in there! :) You can find music, the new big flop made by a famous, fun stuff, etc etc! + it's a great way to share your own thoughts, movies, music etc etc :)