What makes you feel sexy or special?

September 26, 2010 4:22pm CST
While some people can't be bothered fixing themselves and happy to walk around like a dag, there are those who take time to prim themselves up and feel good in the process. How much time we set aside in taking care of ourselves and how we look determines the kind of life we desire. It's getting out of the shower, splashing myself with cologne, putting on pretty underwear and wearing fabulous apparel, that makes me feel sexy and special. How about you?
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@shaggin (37762)
• United States
26 Sep 10
What gets me feeling sexy or special is when I get some sexy lingerie on and get my makeup on and my hair done and take pictures of myself to send to certain people and they tell me how amazing I look. Even if I only somewhat like the pictures to get peoples awesome reactions from my photos or if they happen to see me in person in these outfits makes me feel great!
• Australia
27 Sep 10
Yeah, these articles of clothing help enhance great feelings about yourself but at the end of the day it's the inner attributes that exudes. I meant no matter what we wear and put on our faces, if we feel lousy inside, these articles won't help.
@SilverKing (1023)
• Canada
26 Sep 10
Well wearing the right kind of clothes make me feel sexy and special.If i am wearing a nice new suit or a real nice shirt and pants and a pair of sunglasses i feel great and hope i can attract all the nice women.I think that women are attracted to a man that has stunning cloths and they assume that if he has great looking cloths that he is wealthy.This can work to a mans advantage and disadvantage, a rich man can easily get a girl while a poor man wearing good cloths will not be with the girl for long.