The Monday Rush

@sweet_pea (3325)
September 27, 2010 1:26am CST
I don't particularly like Mondays. It's the time of the week were you have to get up really early otherwise you'll get stuck in traffic. It's not really nice to start the week being late. Lucky me, I have a flexy sched. I'll never be charged for tardiness. I really don't understand why it's so difficult to take a ride on a Monday and not on the other days of the week. The traffic is also horrible. And sometimes it brings out the worst in people. I was already in a queue waiting for half an hour for a ride, when it finally came. It can only accommodate 5 people, I was the 5th when this lady at my back passed me and took my seat. I was never confrontational, but I can't just wait for who knows when will the next ride would come. So I knock on the window and requested the lady to get off my seat. My God! She just won't leave fortunately the driver said they won't leave unless she gets off the van. So I was able to take my ride. Do you also find it difficult to commute on a Monday? Why is traffic worst on a Monday? Is it because people are excited to work on a Monday? I really couldn't figure.
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• India
27 Sep 10
Usually i bunk Monday morning colleges. Because i get the feeling of a weekend when Sunday comes and i always dread that something bad would happen on that day. So i usually bunk and i can be found at my home just sitting on net or at the movies. There is a lot of traffic because everyone wants to get to office early and if there is a small mishap then the entire road comes to a halt. Cheers!