Why do you think eating an ice-cream do help at times in curing one's cold?

September 27, 2010 11:13am CST
I remembered years ago, I had this annoying runny nose. My nose seemed to be like a waterfalls every minute till a friend dropped by at my place with a gallon of my favorite mocha ice-cream on her hand. I couldn't resist that i scooped some into my cup. After eating my favorite ice-cream, my cold left me for good and i was back on feet again. When I shared this experience with some friends, they commented the same, that ice-cream do shoo away one's cold. I wonder why. Do you have the answer?
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• India
29 Sep 10
I dont think that you are correct. I heard that ice cream will bring cold if it is used in inappropriate conditions. The ice will really create problems for the throat . Ice cream even increase the cold conditions in ones body .
• Philippines
30 Sep 10
Hi srmailtosr. thanks for dropping by and share your thoughts. actually, i'm not saying i was correct. i was just wondering why there were instances when eating ice-cream did help stop my colds. some of my friends did experience the same. after eating ice-cream their colds were gone. but it doesn't mean that every time i have colds, i would right away eat ice-cream. infact, i avoid eating it when i'm with runny nose. but it really happened to me once that i was suffering with a runny nose (colds like waterfalls) and when i ate a cup of ice-cream, my colds left me for good. and this made me curious as to why. :)
@Kirinx (1693)
• United States
11 Apr 11
I dont think icecream helps a cold since its just milk and sugar to be blunt.Um your body just healed and repaired itself to fight the bacteria that causes colds.So you can thank your immune system ^_^ Icream healing is more or likely a myth.