Artists: How to get creative juices flowing?

United States
September 27, 2010 12:18pm CST
I've been drawing all of my life, I'd say it was my favorite hobby. I quit on a long term basis when I was 15 for a few reasons, and got back into it when I was 18. When I had been drawing before, it had been freehand, anime-derivative stuff that had no knowledge behind it. When I returned to drawing I studied drawing and anatomy immensely, and experienced a massive improvement over a year and a half's time. However, after that, I kind of lost the fervor so to speak. I do have periods where I draw for maybe 2 days non-stop, but after that, nothing for up to two months. And of course, drawing a few times a month instead of everyday means that I have not been improving, which also discourages me from drawing, kinda creating a cycle. I could very well be bored with drawing, but that is something I would really not like in the least, it would actually hurt if that was the case. I sometimes think that me learning the rules is what took the fun out of it, but I think that's just an excuse and I would never want to take back of the knowledge I gained from studying anatomy. Has this feeling ever happened to any of you guys? For those who experienced this, is there anything that you do for getting you in the mood to draw, or does it just hit you?
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27 Sep 10
I have tried my hand at drawing, but I have come to the conclusion that I stink at it. I can, on the other hand, write comics and write stories for characters that people come up with.
@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
27 Sep 10
i think creative people tend to be way to hard on themselves. take a break. do other things you enjoy. read. check out other art, you may be inspired!