u meet someone online and then u think he has one face and has other. u forgive?

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September 27, 2010 2:20pm CST
hi guys^^ imagine that you meet someone online, you see his/her face and you talk and share much and you fall in love. when you decide to meet near you see the person has a different face. what do you do? do you be angry and never talk with her/him again? you dont mind bcs you loved the person for who he/she was inside or you continue talking but as friends only?^^ about me i would be sad sure but i would continue as friends only at least for now bcs the person lied about his identity and sure we love someone by his heart but we see the face and then is different person is normal that we feel confused about our feelings^^ so i would need time to see how i really felt^^ how about you guys?^^ please share^^
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28 Sep 10
That is a toughy one as I have to really like him a lot as the first thing on my mind would be what else could he be lying to me about. A secret girl-friend and or wife... see I have to really think I am in love to really trust this person again.