How will handle a Child's Anger?

September 27, 2010 11:55pm CST
Anger is a natural response with all of us, including young children. Yet handling anger in a child is, in my opinion, perhaps the most difficult part of parenting. And because it is difficult, most parents respond to a child's anger in wrong and destructive ways.
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@indahfth (11173)
• Indonesia
5 May 11
emotion of anger, is the emotion most difficult to control by children. Let alone the children, adults just feel the need to attend anger management classes. especially the children, who always express what they feel with spontaneity. My child is indirectly a lot to teach me how to deal with anger. Often, I respond to anger with anger as well. Apparently the response was very ineffective. effective at first, but troublesome in the end. Instead he learned about anger further, with anger. Not that could help him overcome his anger. worse, his anger became progressively increase, this will he take when interacting with relatives, and friends. WoW ... very sad! I, his mother, has made it so, that would greatly affect the process sosialisasnya. and that is no less important, affecting intelligence. often, after a while, then realized that I had made a fatal mistake, in treating it. Then arose a deep regret. I often wonder if he feels? What a person he loved most, was incised wounds are deep, and lasting into his soul. at a time like this, usually arises the determination that I must not again, do it next time. I had to learn, become a mother whose patience, and wise. Learning to understand feelings. Empathize with how he felt. But later, back again repeated. Duh sorry dear mother, the mother was studying to be a patient mother, and understand the feelings and wishes. One day I tried to hold back his strength, when my son started whining, crying, tantrums, etc ... I tried to calm myself, and try to understand it, and mengungkpakan sincerely feel my love with, on the sidelines of efforts to control the emotions themselves, see crying and kerewelannya, good with words, and with a hug, and caress. MAGIC ... crying slowly subsided, and his soul began to calm. This situation makes me very, very startled. Does this mean, all this time he felt less affection, less attention. Does he feel affection from me, less sincere. I wondered about myself. many of which must be addressed. Well after all the patience surely gives the best results. This means it is not effectively addressing the child's anger with anger as well. In fact it makes him angry to learn more.
@anurag3786 (6275)
• India
28 Sep 10
I think sometimes child get anger for something. I think on that time we will understand them with love and try to know the reason of their anger. And if we know the reason of their anger then we can handle them with love. So always be shown with love to children. Because children always hunger of love.