What are your experiences so far with "The Vault"?

The Vault payments - Just some of the payments I received from The Vault.
@nvtellan (1907)
September 28, 2010 2:07am CST
Hello guys. I am not sure if "The Vault" has been discussed in myLot already. Have you heard of this autosurf/manualsurf program called "The Vault"? Some info about The Vault: 1. Been paying members since December, 2009. 2. There used to be a Free Surfer plan where a member can invest $0.99. Now the minimum or lowest investment plan is $10 that can earn 12% for 10 days. Other higher plans have varying required amount of investment, for # number of days and # of interest rates. 3. You can cash-out your earnings once it reaches $10 or re-invest it again for more earnings. Payment is almost instant. You will not wait more than 24 hours for your payment to arrive in your account. 4. Once you have invested on a plan, you must browse / autosurf the required number of pages per day (depending on the requirement of the plan purchased). 5. With excellent help support and responsive Admin. Support tickets are answered within 24 hours. Sometimes in an hour. 6. Payment method is via Liberty Reserve. 7. Investing or funding is via Liberty Reserve, Perfect money or Paypal. 8. A member can create up to 10 maximum accounts. It is very important that your other accounts are not referrals of one of your accounts or else you will have all you accounts banned by the Admin. As for my experience, I have been constantly paid by it since I joined late July of this year. I currently have 2 Standard Pack plans and 8 Free Surfer accounts (I still got the Free Surfer accounts because it was still available before the Admin of The Vault stopped that plan). I am planning to convert all my remaining Free Surfer account to Standard Pack plans and beyond. So anybody here have heard or joined The Vault? Let's discuss your experiences about it. Hoping for your input, guys and thanks! By the way, I have attached a screenshot of my latest payments from The Vault.
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@akshay7 (415)
• India
28 Sep 10
well, yeah people are very happy with this program, and I know some friends who have invested in the sites. Further you have to surf around 60 sites daily, so that makes 600 sites for 10 days.? right.... it is making the site a lot of profit and we get $2 for all this. Can't say it is a bad opportunity but still, consider this. good luck
@akshay7 (415)
• India
29 Sep 10
ahh , I will try it someday. Till then the other sites would prosper...lol :)