I am looking for ways to help with a dry scalp

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September 28, 2010 2:52am CST
I have gotten a very dry scalp with the weather changing and it itches all the time. I know that there are shampoos that are supposed to help with this. I brush my hair daily and try to get some of the flakes off. I hate having an itchy head and having to scratch it. A person always feels uncomfortable about this for fear others will think that it is lice. What is your advice on this? I am looking for good ways to cope with my itchy head.
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28 Sep 10
There are several inexpensive oil treatments you can try, one off the top of my head is VO5. You leave it on for the recommended amount of minutes and place a shower plastic cap on then after the alloyed time has passed you wash rinse it out and proceed with your regular shampooing and conditioning. Take a look at the type of shampoo and conditioner as so many products today have added ingredients that at some point do not agree with your scalps skin and this could be the culprit of an itchy scalp.
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29 Sep 10
Ok thanks for the info. I have been using Pantene Pro-v for brunettes. It might have an additive in it to make my hair look shinier. I didn't think of that :) That could be drying my scalp out.
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22 Dec 11
I've never had dandruff before except for the past few months. All of the sudden one day the past week it got pretty flaky on the top of my scalp and of course to me that is so embarrassing so I went and bought head & shoulders conditioner and the generic version of the shampoo. I used it and by the second day I barely have any flakes at all. I am so happy. I dont know how long I will have to use it for. Its nice and thick and creamy.