September 28, 2010 4:03am CST
what is your opinion on future technology?
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• United Kingdom
30 Sep 10
I love it and cannot wait to experience it for myself! I think that technology is forever changing and I'm sure that there are some amazing things awaiting us in the future. I just wish that I didn't have to expire and that I could live forever to witness these things! I'm generally a gadget man anyway, I love my gadgets. Some people would look on new technology as a bad idea and this probably relates to a lot of science fiction movies about computers and robots taking over and conquering mankind! I think we are pretty safe in this department at this stage. Technology is changing in many areas including medicine, industry and lots of other areas. I think it's definitely true that technology is making life that much more convenient for mankind. Andrew
@harry89 (2332)
• India
28 Sep 10
i think we r gonna live on moon in future
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