Divorce: Relief & Hurt?

United States
September 28, 2010 8:48am CST
I'm currently going through my first divorce ending my first marriage, which, I thought would never happen. It's a mutual agreement. I'm a born again Christ follower who is striving to do God's work. She says she believes, which I take her at her word, although, her actions don't match up with her words. Her life revolves around money and having a successful lifestyle. So, for the most part, the divorce is a relief for both of us. It does hurt at the same time. Watching a five year relationship, four of it in marriage, end like this. We're still on friendly terms, fortunately, and are looking to remain that way. I just can't help but think that after all we've been through it gets thrown away. Anyone else going through the same type of situation?
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@kodukodu84 (1576)
• Malaysia
29 Sep 10
Hi James, I'm really sorry to hear your situation but I hope, whatever you did choose to do that it makes you happy. My parents divorced after having 7 children including me, even though they went through an arranged marriage, but seemed like their love grew in marriage. But you see, they had been together for 24 years and have many children, still they decided to go for a divorce. As for me, I'm about to get married with the man I've been with for 5 years (3 years of those in an engagement), and I'm really hoping that everything will work out though it's not perfect, and I'm looking forward and ready to take the responsibility and do my best as a wife. I hope the whole situation makes you stronger and that you can easily go through the current status between you and your ex-wife :) Good luck!
• United States
28 Sep 10
I have been divorced for seven years now and although my divorce was not an amicable one I have to say it certainly it not easy. I married very young, 15 to be precise and although I tried everything in my power to keep the marriage together he did everything to destroy it. It has been quite sometime now since my divorce and the feelings have never subsided. We all enter marriage with the hopes that it would be lasting and meaningful but unfortunately sometimes it just does not work out this way. I had a very difficult time ending my marriage as I even went to my priest and expressed my feelings. My priest told me that the Catholic Church does not frown down on divorce like they use to as they certainly understood that things sometimes just do not work out. It took prayer and my faith to be able to move on. I wish you the best in your new found life and all the best with your soon to be ex-wife's friendship. I also see you are new to myLot - Welcome aboard.