i love my work, but i love my bf even more

@hushi22 (4940)
September 28, 2010 11:41am CST
ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! my workplace is such a showbiz industry for so many questions here and there. hmmmmmm....many asked why i resigned from work and now i was back. they asked me whether i don't like or love my work. i answered many times that i do, i do, and i do, but i love my bf even more so i had to leave to process my papers and fly soon. hmmmm..my workplace is a nest of birds who love to get infos and start gossiping. i love the work there but not the people there. :-/
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@gaiza12 (4889)
• Philippines
29 Sep 10
You just have to ignore your officemates and be busy with your work. Love your work..it seems you won't be staying there for long.
@daliaj (5689)
• India
28 Sep 10
Family should be the first priority always, but work is also very important in life. I hate people who gossip and people who do flattery. I can't take these two things. I have experience working with three different companies. All the places, I kept myself away from gossiping people and flattering people. I don't think I can do these two things in life.
@nophie (2338)
• Indonesia
28 Sep 10
i dont know why you must resign from your work..if your boy friends love you too, he can give your freedom to choose what do you like it
@maliwl (34)
• Philippines
28 Sep 10
Hey if you feel that people in your workplace are to much of gossipers then just leave, follow your boyfriend wherever he goes,whatever destination , if you love each other then much better!!! its not good that people are much interested in your lovelife than doing what youre supposed to do in the office.Its too much waste of a time and energy to always defend yourself anyways.Good to know that you have passion in your job,but if the people just drags you down then quit and find another suitable workplace for you. Goodluck on your endeavors!
@ree_yah (462)
• Philippines
28 Sep 10
u know what.... u can try ignorin these people... well as i know, gossiping has no cure.. :)