"The Horsemen", children taught our parents a valuable lesson

United States
September 28, 2010 8:24pm CST
Although this movie a bit of scary in nature, but it also use different method to illustrate how rebellious our next generation will be, and they will use horror method to express their hate toward their parents indifferent of their existence in real life. Basically, this movie is about disgruntled teens form their underground cult, and use religious sacrifice to express their hate toward their parents and this society. I just wonder would that be happen in real life? Should the parents take some time off to look after their children? I understood how important is for the parents to bring bread to the table and provide their family a roof over their head. But taking some time off to talk to your children can be an enjoyable hours.
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• Philippines
29 Sep 10
When i have my first child, i'll bond with him like there's no tomorrow. I know it won't be easy if it's a girl but i'll try my best. I'll be a good father and give them advices about life and how to live it. So far i've been learning a lot about life. As someone said to me, it's irreplacable if you learn the lesson yourself.
• United States
29 Sep 10
I guess so sir. A good father would always pay attention to his children, and no matter what, teaching them the good thing and taught them to respect others too. That is how we teach our children.