United States
September 28, 2010 8:25pm CST
Do you actually do the reading for class? I tend not to because..honestly it's boring and this has never gotten me into trouble. I find most of the time the teachers talk about the material that was in the book during the lectures so it's not needed really.
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@dream_ozn (1758)
• Singapore
2 Oct 10
I try to read my textbook before classes as I want to understand better what the teacher is talking about. Sometime I forget to read it before class, either that or i was too lazy. The teacher went through so fast, and I never catch her. Furthermore, I think if we want to score good grades, it would be better to revise our materials. It's what separate us from the rest of the students.
@o0jopak0o (6407)
• Philippines
29 Sep 10
well most of my professors will advice you to read before the lecture so you would understand it better. and sometimes the lecture time is too short to finish the subject.
@harry89 (2332)
• India
29 Sep 10
no, i dont , it just make me feel asleep
• United States
29 Sep 10
Honestly.. I am really lazy when it comes to textbooks, not quite sure why.. I try to follow along with the teacher so I do not have to open the textbooks often. Textbooks are crazy expensive though!!
@dodo19 (33037)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
29 Sep 10
Yes, I actually do the readings for classes. I like being able to be ahead. I like being able to go to class and have some understanding of what is going to be discussed in class. It makes it a little easier.
@knicnax (2234)
• Philippines
29 Sep 10
I do. I like reading books, and I like being able to recite in class. :) I don't read technical books though. It's hard to understand technical books like math and physics when reading them.