Choose: iphone vs blackberry

@emgee595 (336)
September 28, 2010 8:44pm CST
I have a colleague who is so into cellphones. He wanted to have an Iphone but he cannot get one because he was blacklisted in the network provider which has exclusive rights to sell Iphones in our place. Last year, he ended up buying a blackberry which is sold by the competitor "network." He was proud of his blackberry but until now he is still pining for an Iphone. In our Unit, only two of us have Iphones (me & another colleague). He would offer to buy our Iphones but to no avail. See we also love our Iphone hehehe. Now that the Iphone 4 is out, he would prod me to get one and "probably" sell it to him. The retention of my subscription with the network provider can make it possible for me to get a unit hopefully by December. His zest to have, possess and own an iphone is beyond me. I know iphones and blackberries are being compared against each other. Each have qualities and features that sets them apart from other cellphones. There are even many reviews about these two phones but it still ends up with the preference and needs of the end user, right? If you are to choose between these two phones, what would you prefer? Why? If a donor will give you a free phone and you will have to choose between an Iphone or a blackberry, what will you choose? Feel free to post your opinions.
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@gjabaigar (2202)
• Philippines
29 Sep 10
Of course iPhone.... Now give it to me that iPhone....hehehehehe Blackberry is ugly and clunky smart phone, it has a lot of distractions. I have no idea why its best for business stuffs. I like the iPhone all the way, especially the new iPhone 4, very sweet and nice for both business and personal use.
@nicregi (1936)
• Malaysia
29 Sep 10
Definitely iPhone. Thought BlackBerry has the look of business, but I prefer phone that is more versatile and I have all the choices to customize the phone. That is what iPhone all about. Hope this helps!