are you leaving your clutter at home?

September 28, 2010 9:23pm CST
for busy people at work, some don't have or spare some time to fix things at home like keeping the pillows or washing the dishes. i have known some people who just go to work and leave their clutter behind. in my case, i wake up early so i don't have to rush things. i still have time to do the laundry and wash the dishes. i don't like to go home with those clutter. it would not make going home pleasant. how about you?
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• India
29 Sep 10
Yup i sometimes leave stuff at home or it would like how was is after a party and when i reach home after college my mom would be there with that face that makes you wanna clean your room immediately and under her stern gaze i would do that. In a way it's actually good because you learn discipline that's what she would say while i am cleaning. Oh and she always lectures me during cleaning only because that is the only time i would stay at one place and get the job done! Cheers!
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• Philippines
29 Sep 10
it's a good thing that you obey your mom's desire. not all kids are like that. in fact kids hate cleaning especially the room in a mess. why not practice it every morning so that your system can adjust to it. even just by fixing the bed and hanging the clothes in their proper places. that's what i usually do when i was still young and i get used to it.