how can i say it in a friendly way...

September 29, 2010 2:20am CST
i am so annoyed with a friend of mine.... that sometimes she is acting like a brat... it seems that she want me to understand her all the time... how can i tell her that i am annoyed with her attitude, in a way that i am still friendly to her.... advices please....
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@harry89 (2332)
• India
29 Sep 10
well, i think you should tell her straight away
@bmlynn09 (61)
• United States
29 Sep 10
I would write her a note telling her how you truly feel. if that doesn't work then try sitting down and talking with her face to face and explain how you feel.
@Ramaditya (1227)
• Indonesia
29 Sep 10
Is it possible for you to give us example how she annoys you? So, I can analyze the best way to speak to her. But actually, the only good way is to listen to her without giving any response, at least only say "yes" or "no" because that way she will be bored or will ask you to explain why you only answer her with short reply, and just tell her you understand enough, and she does not need to repeat because you've known it. Somday she will run out of amunition and stop talking.