Competition is always out there, I wouldn't scare of those salesperson bluffing

United States
September 29, 2010 4:35am CST
A few weeks ago, our agreement with Allstate Home Owner Insurance officially expired. The salesperson who contact us a couple times giving scaring fact about our house. We did improvement on it, and we did paint our house every couple of years too. Now, they want to raise our annual premiums to over thousand dollars, and there is attached condition too, we have to transfer our car insurance to Allstate together to reduce the home owner premium amount. But they also bring up our car insurance. She giving us all these fake market statistics, and hard sale on their new version of insurance to us. Without fear, I ask around, and finally I make switch to State Farm Insurance, which provides us cheaper home owner insurance, and great value of car insurance because we make them a package together. Once the salesperson from Allstate call again, we simply give her a cold truth, there is always competition in this business, you can't scare me. I find a cheaper deal than yours.
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