blabbers =)

September 29, 2010 12:43pm CST
I first started my facebook account a couple of years back when friends were hard to convince to join because friendster was the "in" thing. Little by little, I started seeing my invites accepted and friends, family, workmates and the like came pouring in. For obvious reasons it has widened my circle of friends and kept up most of my idle time. Then came the status thingy. I didn't realize that when you put up a status and update it, other people think it was intentionally for them.. Have you experienced the same thing? I had a close childhood friend who fought with her ex husband literally on my wall! It ended up that my close friend blocked me in her friendslist because she did not want any connection that links her back to her past. The next thing I knew, her whole family blocked me. It saddens me that some people can get so into their personal lives with facebook that they sometimes forget that the " book is just a face.." =)
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