nowadays people dont care about old people

@monalily (380)
September 30, 2010 5:24am CST
Nowadays in this modern life people are going away from their responsibilities. For example they leave their old parent in orphanage, some raise their hands on their parents or at the bus stop people bus conductors would not allow old persons to travel in their buses. All these facts are rare but they happen. wht is your opinion on this?
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@marcmm (1806)
• Malaysia
30 Sep 10
yes I agree with you. this thing happen. most of the reason people put their parent in old folks home are they are too busy to take care of their parents and even their own children they have to put in the child care centre. But I do still think people respect old people. This thing just very rare like crime. Very rare but yet very worrying.
@katland05 (136)
• Guam
30 Sep 10
monalily hi, how are you?? Yes, that is so sad but true... Here in my country guam, we do not have orphanage or homes for our parents when they reach their old age, but we do have daycares during the daytime only to assist families that need to be at work... The kids are responsible to take care of their parents when they reach their old age... My husband & I took care of my parents before they past away because of cancer... We never complained even though it was difficult & my other sibling where too far away to help assist me... When I see today what is happening with people in their senior age, it's so depressing because I cannot do this & I always tell my kids to have compassion & patience when it's my time for them to care for us, please do not leave us in the side of the road.. Parents today need to show their kids that taking care of their parents when they become old is their responsibility & we take care of them because we love them...
@harry89 (2332)
• India
30 Sep 10
yea you are right its really happening nowadays