Would you Kill Someone to Protect Your Family?

United States
September 30, 2010 10:32am CST
I wanted to get your take on this because this can actually happen to you and me. We live in a dangerous world, and our families can come under attack from time to time. In that situation, being a robbery, act of cruelty, etc. (Whatever your family falls victim to), if you had the weaponry or access to it, would you kill to protect them?
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@IoanaBI (494)
• Romania
30 Sep 10
Hello Pastorlamont! I think that every man is capable of comitting a crime for his family, if the wright circumstatences. But is knife with 2 sharps edges, because who yooou will kill may have a father, or a doughter, or a son, who wil come ofter you, to protect his familly. I think it is better to be avoided, but, if it is no way to spot him diffrent, i think one must kill him. Please notice that i didnt said "I" :)
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@pogi253 (1587)
• Philippines
30 Sep 10
No. As simple as that. It is your first instinct and first instincts are usually right. For example, someone were to come into your house right now and kill your family. That is obviously not right. There are certain circumstances when killing someone is justifiable. Shouldn't we reason like this with every case? But I consider that there is always a way to get out of these situations without anyone being murdered. Even if there isn't, it is better to be killed than to live your whole life weighed down by a pain you can't even recognize and that is guilt.
@jujunme (2422)
• United States
30 Sep 10
No, there is "not"always a way to get out of these situations .the number of people killed in home invasions proves this point.do you realize that if someone breaks into your home and makes an attempt on your or your families life, you have the "right" to injure or kill them, it's called "self defense" and many times even just breaking in to someones home gives the owner the "right" to defend their home and property, (including thier family)against such a break in.it is a little naive for you to believe that you can somehow look for another way to deal with this, people that would do harm to you or your family cannot be reasoned with under any circumstances.and believe me, there would be no guilt involved in taking someones life , who attempted to take the life of anytone in my family. for you to say it's "better" to be killed than to suffer the "pain" of guilt in my opinion has his priorities mixed up.
@misalax (307)
• Ireland
30 Sep 10
Hello :] I love my family so much that I would do anything to protect them, involve killing someone or committing a crime. Anyone who ever dares to do lethal damage to my family will get it back a hundred times more painful, and i swear that. That would also apply to those that I love so much, not just my main family.
@Ramaditya (1227)
• Indonesia
30 Sep 10
No I will not. My religion forbids such a thing. If it is still possible to avoid it, then I will do so. I will only be allowed to do that but not because I want to, but because I am forced to do that in desperate condition.
@bagputza (504)
• Belgium
30 Sep 10
Good evening dear friend pastorlamont , well it is verry true , that we live in a verry nasty , and dangerous society , and if you live in the extremes of a ccapital ( there were the poverty its in biggest flowering )you indeed need to be extra carefull to whom you are hanging out with , because often these friends have only one goal there , and that is to put more money in their pockets , even if it means to take the money or the even going to the point of taking someone elses life , simply for the money . Actually , i have lived five years ago , in Roumania , exactly on the extremes of the capital ( Bucharest ) , and two times , once when i was twelfe years old we had a great large of gipsy people , whom enter in our house , with white weapons ( such as swords , knifes and baseball bats ) to intimidate my familly , that they have to pay monney for a protetion times , the first time when they comed , they tooked the TV and the frigirator we had , then the second time when they comed , i was already seventeen years old , and had made verry much friends , and when they camed , i was waiting for them , and started to trough rocks at them and had even two pitbulls at the time , and me and my friends ( around seventeen friends ) made those fat and mean gipsy run away , and even catched four of these gipsy and give them a good beat lesson ( not at ^point to put them in a hospital ). So yes , i will take someones life if he ever puts my sister , mother or grandmother in danger , without hesitation ** Florin , Over and Out **