have you ever been cheated on and forgave it?^^

September 30, 2010 10:53am CST
hi guys^^ did a guy/girl ever cheated on you and you forgave it?^^ about me there was a boy i liked that he wasnt my bf but he asked me to wait for him and said he loves me. and i said i love him too and then he said he was in love with other girl. and had to leave his job to forget her. but days later he said he was only infatuated with her and really loved me. and we talked few days and then he asked me to be his gf and i accepted. anyway it last one day only bcs first arguement he turnt his back. and then when we were trying to solve things he always argue and turnt his back so i felt tired of it and decided to forget him. even i loved him really i just couldnt be always after him showing i loved him while he always was accusing and turning his back to me. what about you guys?^^ did ever got cheated and forgave it? and if it happened would you forgive? ^^ please share^^
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@harry89 (2332)
• India
30 Sep 10
no, but if i get cheated then i wont forgive
• Portugal
30 Sep 10
i understand you^^ and im happy you were not cheated on^^ and yes is hard to forgive bcs is like you cant trust the person anymore. is like he/she can cheat again right? :) i would also think the same and i would just maybe forgive if the person was honest to me and said sorry i been with someone. if was honest maybe i could forgive one time but if didnt say and i found out alone i wouldnt.