Do you want The Cure to hold a concert in Manila, Philippines?

September 30, 2010 12:13pm CST
Their gothic image, catchy and hook-laden tunes, and Robert Smith's manliner and big hair spelled cool with capital C to the new-wavers of the 80s. The Cure was indeed one of the most significant and influential bands that made the 80s truly unforgettable. So how come they haven't performed here in Manila? How can concert promoters not see this golden opportunity?
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@jasa0721 (19)
• Philippines
6 Oct 10
Concert promoters are concerned of the financial output of an event but they just don't see the artistical and marketable value of The Cure. Being a band from the 80s, promoters should realize that The Cure's fans should by now be (aside from the fact that they're older) established and financially capable of watching a concert. Hence, a concert from The Cure is sure to be a hit.
• Philippines
7 Oct 10
Totally agree! Their initial investment may be a lot higher than usual but the possible returns spells B-I-G! I think they could measure it against the turnout of the Tears for Fears concert. The venue was filled to the rafters, and there was a strong clamour for an extension. I'm sure The Cure could measure up and even surpass expectations.
• Philippines
30 Sep 10
HELL YEAH I'd love to see them come over and perform, they're one of the great bands out there since the 80's up until now and Robert Smith is really somewhat of a whiz on the guitar although he modestly downplays hiw guitar prowess in a guitar mag interview I read years back.... wish they would get the chance to perform here... and for us fans, the chance to see them live... YEAH IT'S FRIDAY, IM IN LOVE !!!
• Philippines
1 Oct 10
They were in Hongkong I think 2 years ago. Too bad, it's just a few hours away from Manila and they didn't drop by. Hope concert promoters should really consider this.
• Philippines
5 Feb 12
Hell Yes! I would not miss the cure in Manila, even if it means paying an expensive ticket! The Manila New Wave crowd is great! Just Like Heaven! Concerts are more Fun in the Philippines! ;-)